Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry (IGIC) is one of the basic institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and one of the leading research institutes in Bulgaria. BAS-IGIC was recognized as a Center of Excellence two times: (i) one time, in the framework of FP6 (Mission Center) and (ii) one time, by the National authorities (Union project).

IGIC has a staff of 68 research workers (among them 6 Professors and 22 Assoc. Professors). The research proceeds in three directions: Materials Science, Analytical Chemistry and Adsorption and Catalysis. The mean activity comprises fundamental and applied research, training of graduate and PhD students, organization of scientific events and expertises.

IGIC has the basic equipment for analysis and characterization of materials: X-ray diffraction, various spectroscopies, such as X-ray photoelectron, infrared, UV-Vis and Mössbauer, electron paramagnetic resonance, ICP, atomic absorption analysis, a computer cluster, etc., as well as a series of unique home-made apparatuses. IGIC is also co-owner of a transmission electron microscope with a high resolution and solid state NMR apparatus.

The members of the team to work on the present project are from the Spectroscopic group of the Laboratory of Reactivity of Solid Surfaces, headed by Professor K. Hadjiivanov, and Surfaces of Dispersed Materials, headed by Assoc. Professor M. Mihaylov. The group has published ca. 190 papers with more than 5000 citations. It includes one professor, three assoc. professors, researchers and PhD students. The team has at its disposal three FT-IR spectrometers, two home-made vacuum-adsorption systems, UV-Vis spectrometer, Quantachrome ChemBET TPR/TPD, Hiden CATLAB microreactor-mass spectrometer system for catalyst characterization, kinetic and thermodynamic measurements and access to the equipment of IGIC and BAS.