Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche ITM

ITM is an institute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), a research organization of more than 8000 employees of which over 4000 researchers and over 2500 technicians. ITM is headquartered in Rende in the campus of the University of Calabria. The institute is one of the leading European laboratories in membrane research with a wide network of national and international scientific and industrial contacts. ITM has currently 26 permanent staff members and about 40 units of temporary personnel (PhD students, post-docs, fellow researchers and visiting professors from national and international institutions). A total of 10 associate professors and associate researchers from other national universities further strengthen the ITM staff.

ITM is a multidisciplinary research institute, focusing on all aspects of membrane science. In relation to the present proposal, ITM has a vast experience in the preparation and characterization of polymeric membranes for gas and vapour separations. The institute is well equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for membrane research. The total scientific production of ITM in the last 4 years comprises over 220 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 230 oral or poster presentations in national and international conferences, 5 patents and approx. 40 book chapters and 10 books. ITM participates in numerous national and international, bilateral and multilateral collaborations with both academic and industrial institutions. It was actively involved in 7 projects of FP6, in one as the coordinator, and it is presently participating in eight FP7 projects, in two of which as the coordinator.