Université de Mons

The University of Mons (UMONS) was born from the association of the Faculty of Engineering (FPMs) and the University of Mons-Hainaut (UMH). Operational as of 2009-2010, the University of Mons offers forty degree programs within its six faculties and three institutes.

 UMONS is an University with more than 1,000 scientific, technical and administrative staff members, 5,000 students. It delivers more than 40 academic degrees of undergraduate and postgraduate level. UMONS hosts 80 Research Units and 2 Centres of Excellence.

The Thermodynamics Department of Faculty of Engineering has developed an expertise in the field of adsorption. The research area is gas and liquid adsorption on porous solids and nanomaterials. This field of research as started in the end of the eighties. The aim was the development of experimental apparatus for the determination of adsorption data in very large pressure, temperature and phase composition ranges to cover a maximum of applications. Indeed, data were relatively scarce in field of coadsorption measurements, effect of humidity on adsorption and adsorption in extreme conditions like high pressure or acid gas. It’s always the case today.