Laboratoire Réactions et Génie des Procédé

 LRGP is a laboratory of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique belonging from the 01/01/2013 to a Joint Research Unit (JRU7274) under the double supervision of the CNRS and the Universite of Lorraine.

 LRGP is a major French laboratory with around 270 people (permanent staff, PhD, post-docs, etc.) organized within 15 different teams covering research activities in chemical engineering such as transfer processes, reactors, safety, powders and particulate solids, bioprocesses, energy, environment, separation processes and microreactors.

The  team “Membranes, Separation Processes” (MSP) is specialized in separation processes for liquid or gaseous mixtures, either by liquid absorption or membrane permeation. Carbon dioxide capture by membranes has been investigated for more than 15 years, both experimentally and theoretically, through several national and international programmes (CNRS Energy program, ANR contracts CICADI, AmeliE, FP7’s CESAR project on CO2 capture) or by industrial collaborations (VEOLIA, TOTAL, EDF).

Experimental facilities include polymer synthesis, membrane preparation and characterization (DSC, TGA, BET, SEM…), gas and vapour permeation setups (time-lag, sorption equilibrium), hollow fibers modules. Simulation software are also available for process engineering (Aspen, ProII) or transfer (Comsol Multiphysics, Fluent) modelling. A proprietary software (M3Pro) has been developed for the simulation of membrane module separation and the associated energy requirement.