The Gas Storage and Separation Group (S2G) is one the three groups constituting the joint CNRS/Aix-Marseille University Unit ‘MADIREL’ (UMR7246). The group contains 7 permanent staff with a majority of female members (5/7).

The group has over 30 years’ experience in the thermal preparation and characterisation of porous and powder solids. Reference works in these fields were written within the group, and we regularly organise specialist teaching courses on porous materials characterisation designed for participants from both academia and industry.

From an experimental standpoint, the laboratory is unique in Europe with respect to the diversity of methodologies and experimental conditions used for characterization and evaluation of nanaoporous solids, notably using direct measurements interaction energies between gases or liquids and solids using microcalorimetry. The group is continuously involved in apparatus development in calorimetry as well as in any coupling of adsorption methods with other complementary techniques such as Synchrotron XRPD. More recently progress is being made with high-throughput methodology used to screen small quantities of sample for gas separations.

The group thus positions itself between those dealing with materials design / synthesis and those interested in the process (PSA, membrane separation …). The aim of our approach is to allow a large number of samples to be screened in a first step and then to obtain relevant parameters (uptakes, energies, stability, cyclability …) in a second step in order to optimise the work of those interested in process design.