HyGear B.V.

HyGear B.V. is a SME based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, with focus on development and manufacturing of hydrogen generation products, such as fuel processors for fuel cells and on-site hydrogen generators (HGS) for fuelling stations. HyGear’s major strengths as a partner in international cooperative projects are its engineering skills, prototyping capabilities, flexibility and possibility to deal with changes and finally the fact that HyGear’s mission is to move hydrogen related technologies closer to market entry. With natural gas based on-site HGS HyGear proved to be successful; several new technologies are under development. The process used in the on-site hydrogen generators is the same as in large-scale plants – steam methane reforming in combination with pressure swing adsorption. The advantage of the products is saving of compression energy (electrical) and transportation energy compared to trucked-in hydrogen from large plants. The cost and energy savings are up to 70% compared to traditional hydrogen supply. HyGear has also been active in metal hydride storage for stationary hydrogen supply and fuel cell systems. For both application areas on-board hydrogen storage is vital. Presently, HyGear employs 45 persons. HyGear is full member of the European Industry Grouping for a Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative (NEW IG).