DECHEMA (Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology e.V.), Frankfurt/Main is an interdisciplinary scientific society with more than 5,700 personal and institutional members (including about 500 SMEs), whose activities cover wide areas relevant to the process industries. DECHEMA is dedicated to the support of R&D progress and implementation in various fields of chemical engineering. DECHEMA’s work is supported by 70 working parties from academia, industry and authorities. This includes a working parties on membrane technology and engineering for energy supply.

DECHEMA is organiser of the International Exhibition-Congress on Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology (ACHEMA) and of around 50 conferences with over 10000 participants per year. ). Relevant for this project are the International Conference on Materials for Energy-EnMat, and the International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds –MOF. Co-ordination and support of DECHEMA’s activities is carried out by about 190 employees.

The group Research and Project Coordination of DECHEMA with 14 scientists is very experienced in coordinating and managing European projects and is currently coordinator in several FP7 large scale projects and CSAs. In addition to a coordination and management role, the group has particular expertise in dissemination, knowledge management and training, including the organisation of conferences, workshops and exhibitions. DECHEMA hosts more than 50 websites including project websites and secure collaborative workspaces for information exchange and knowledge management of project consortia.